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3rd Rock Pottery

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Ocean Springs, Mississippi
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Dawn and Dust Raku
Dawn and Dusk

Welcome to 3rd Rock Pottery!
Here on the 3rd Rock from the Sun, we have been given many special gifts.  On this site, many of those gifts may be found.  They are all handcrafted and prepared just for you. 
We will also introduce our visitiors to the history and beauty of Western Raku pottery.  Enjoy your visit and make yourself at home!
The city of Ocean Springs on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is the home of 3rd Rock Pottery.  Warm winters and hot summers make this area perfect for the art of Western Raku.  This special type of pottery and exciting firing creates a beauty that may be found only in Raku.  The colors and textures that Raku provides may also be found here on the coast in nature!  From the pinks and reds of the sunrises and sunsets to the greens and browns of our beautiful forests and marshlands, Raku reflects nature. 

We'll use this site to provide you the beauty and history of Raku.  In addition, we will display some of the incredible beauty of our small spot here on the 3rd rock!   Please visit our links to see the beauty of the Coast.  

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